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                 Welcome to The Child is the Curriculum Forums! A private and extensive community forum that covers every imaginable Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner Study topic with book recommendations for each grade and subject, and relevant lectures for the lesson block you are creating. All posts and threads can be liked, followed, and have a built in search tagging system.  We are here for support and mentorship! Our forum topics include: Community Forum Information and Welcome Area visible by signing up for free, the following sections are available through Basic Membership subscription... Waldorf Early Childhood Ages 0-7 Learning Through the Hands Section with activities and book recommendations, Waldorf Middle Childhood Ages 7-14 Learning Through the Heart Section with every grade and subject, Waldorf Late Childhood Ages 14-21 Learning Through the Head Section for Highschool and beyond, Waldorf Teacher Study Section, Waldorf Parent Corner with home life topics, Steiner based Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health section, 12 Months of Seasonal Festivals Section, Buy/Sell/Trade Forums, Rudolf Steiner Non-Education Topics (Agriculture, etc), and finally a Regional Meetups Section! Please read our Forum Rules section before posting. We hope you enjoy this space! 🤗


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