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  • "The child himself is the curriculum" Rudolf Steiner

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  •           Welcome to our Waldorf Homeschool Online Cooperative Community! This community is set up to host support for those interested in anthroposophy, studying Steiner’s lectures, and applying these indications to their Waldorf education journey. We are now a monthly subscription year round Zoom Sunday service in addition to our forums that you can subscribe and unsubscribe from as fits your schedule! That means you can keep your account even if you do not have an active subscription. What do we have inside?


    Circle of Teachers Book Study and Support Zoom Chats: We have year round zoom sessions, typically once a week but with short breaks. This is a chance to study lectures together (typically 8 at a time), work with adult inner work and various anthroposophical topics! *PLEASE NOTE ALL ZOOMS THIS YEAR ARE CURRENTLY SCHEDULED ON SUNDAYS AT 4:00PM EST. MAKE SURE THIS WORKS FOR YOU BEFORE SIGNING UP DUE TO ZOOMS


    Community Forum: We have a large and extensive community forum with topics to discuss all ages from birth to adulthood, teacher resources, regional events and meetups, festival celebration, home life, and every kind of subject a Waldorf journey touches on. This aims to be an inclusive space for open anthroposophical conversation as it relates to education and beyond. You may choose to dive as deep as you like!

    Forum Style Book Clubs: We have a Club section open to anyone wishing to host their own book club or service in a text forum format. Go at your own pace, offer downloads, post videos, add moderators, and host it for free or charge a fee. The sky is the limit for how this could be used! We have already started working through several Steiner books together. Please jump in!


    Galleries: We have photo galleries with categories for different ages and grades to get or post inspiration for lessons, art, and projects! 


    Videos: We have bandwidth and space for sharing art tutorials and other videos to help each other as a cooperative. Share your videos or embed from other websites.


    Community Calendar: We have a calendar application with reminders and alerts if you have an event you would like to announce or promote. We have Waldorf Festival Zooms, forums, and events!

    Blog System: All members can start a free blog on our website to share their journey. 


    Private Messaging System: We have an advanced messaging system and social networking system set up with maximum privacy. Unlike many social media websites today, your privacy on our systems is secure. We require a subscription to weed out those who are not serious about community membership, and to keep the website going. 


    Stories: Like other social media, we have stories capability!

    Book Resources: We are adding more and more suggestions every year and building this up as we use/find them. Looking forward a certain resource? Don’t hesitate to ask! 


    Downloads Section: We host this section in conjunction with Paypal as a space for you to sell your own Waldorf related material! Upload your own PDF tutorials or Main Lesson blocks for sale, buy other homeschoolers downloads, or browse our free downloads!

    Buy/Sell/Trade Section: We host this section in our community forum. Please post anything you are selling that is somewhat Waldorf related. 

    FREE advertising: You have free reign to advertise or promote anything Waldorf related on our blog system, under a video you post, along with your download, or in our buy/sell/trade section. I will often help you promote anything you contribute on our website with free marketing!

    All in all, this is a Steiner based education research community. What we don’t have, is a complete open and go curriculum. We are here for support for those trying to custom create their own Waldorf curriculum, blocks, and lessons using Steiner’s indications, or to sell and promote one of their own creations! If this DIY community sounds like it is for you, please come on in, and make yourself at home! 

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