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  4. I love moss and really enjoyed this post! Thank you for sharing. :)
  5. Annie Haas

    Our school room.

    So nice I love it!! Thank you for sharing 🤩 you have such a beautiful toy collection ✨
  6. Annie Haas

    Day 2

    Love this!! So cozy! Food looks yum! Have a great year ☺️💛
  7. Dannielle Wheeler

    Day 2

    Our 2nd day back at lessons. Sams day of form drawing. I’m really loving this new rhythm. Spending this week figuring out our new schedule. I used to do two main lessons each school day. But I think each child will now get two days each. With the 5th day being free. Hmmmm ps food shots in there too
  8. Dannielle Wheeler

    Slow start back

    This week is a gentle start back into lessons. With the uk going back into another lockdown, schools and home ed groups are closed. Our life doesn’t really change. Today is form drawing using a story to allow the forms to unfold. Lots of body moving before applied to paper. Tomorrow will be Sam’s form lesson. The afternoon will be spent outside.
  9. Dannielle Wheeler

    Our school room.

    This blog will be a record of our home ed weeks. mainly pictures as words aren’t my thing. Sam is 11yrs and Jude is 6yrs. we live in Norfolk, uk.
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