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  3. I will have to combine 5th with 2nd grade, do you have some ideas for fables to combine?
  4. Claire

    A Life Without Pictures

    I found myself one morning, getting up from my journaling session to go pick up my phone to come back and take a picture of said journaling session. (face palm anybody??) And as I sat there at 5 o’clock in the morning posting to my Instagram account about this journaling session, this tidal wave of clarity just hit me like a tsunami. Why am I doing what I do? The journaling, the exercising, the eating well, the intentional living practices, the healing, the therapy, the Spartan races, and on and on. Am I doing it for the picture? So that I’d have proof positive of what an “awesome” human being I am? (I’m not by the way, in case you wondering) Am I doing it for the accolade? For the virtual pat on the back and an “atta girl” from someone else? What is so scary about disconnecting and simply living? At the core of this impulse to manically document and share my life is the fear that I won’t matter. That if I don’t make some sort of “noise” in the world I will be forgotten. I will die and go unremembered. “Claire…who?” they’ll say, is what my inner critic tells me is my future if I don’t continue to participate and showcase my daily life. But the rather harsh truth is that my continual focus outwards means that many times I am forgotten by my own Self and so what is shared on these social platforms is more of a performance than a documentary–at its core it is false and it feels fake. Yes these are things that I enjoy but the simple act of needing to document them in order to feel fulfilled by them, removes me from the present moment and the benefits I was seeking to achieve by doing the activity in the first place. What I am beginning to learn is that I will never achieve fulfillment by entering into this arena of showmanship where your validation and worth are determined by someone else. When I only feel good about something if it gets likes or comments, I am placing my well-being into the hands of another. As I enter into this new day, I do so with the intention to feel at peace in my own soul. At peace in my own body. At peace in my own family. I do so by taking a step back from the insanity of photographing every action that I take. I’ve put down my smart phone (quite literally, it is now broken and I’ve replaced it with a “dumb” phone) and instead I’ve picked up the intention of full presence with my whole being. And in the past four months things have shifted. I feel differently now then I do just a short time before hand. I marvel at the world a lot more and I wonder with a sense of curiosity I had lost when I “knew it all”, or at least had a device always at hand that did. Peace. Rest. Release. Beingness. A life without pictures turns out to be surprisingly filled with meaning and joy. And I know now with more clarity than I ever thought possible that this one life I have to live matters, that my presence is important, and that my soul was called here to this very place for an incredibly important reason. Where I am and who I am. It is enough. It always has been.
  5. Claire

    Love Note of Encouragement

    A Love Note of Encouragement: Finding the Virtuous Mean In the new video series, I'm simply reaching out with my heart to wherever you are to share a few moments of encouragement and love during these challenging times. In today's video I share my recent trip down the "mom-guilt" spiral over screen time for our toddler. I reflect on why this is a hard decision for many of us to come to peace with and just how I moved my way through being trapped by a toxic story of "bad momism" and have found peace with finding the virtuous mean. My heart is with all of you! Know that you are doing a great job and you are already a Heroic Mama!!
  6. Annie Haas

    Be the Light in Darkness

    I tried to vote but it said I had to register?
  7. Claire

    Be the Light in Darkness

    It is during times of the greatest darkness that our true nature's will shine most brightly. Let's show ourselves, our families, our community and our world just what we're made of! The Heroic Mama Revolution is all about supporting each other as we ask ourselves to dig a little deeper and continue to show up as the radiant powerhouses for change that we are capable of being! Voting is open for 10 more days and I can use your help to get to the pitch event so I can take this dream and this message far and wide! https://5x5night.com/cRcab #fledglingspirit #thisiswhatwetrainfor #darktimesbrightspirits
  8. Annie Haas

    Simplicity Parenting: A Mama's Note

    Lovely post Heroic Mama 🤩✨ Yes to the little unseen things!!!
  9. I first read Simplicity Parenting when I was pregnant with our son and I thought I learned what I needed to from it and moved on to the rather large stack of other parenting books sitting in my office. Flash forward a few years (how has it been a few years already?!?!?! Mind boggling!) and as our son has entered into his toddler years, we have been beginning to encounter new and challenging behaviors. I have a few wonderful mentors that I’ve been able to strongly lean on in this season and all of them recommended I read Simplicity Parenting. So despite having already read it, I scrounged it up from the bottom of the pile next to the full bookcase and dove in…and it was completely different!! Reading his work from the perspective of actually having a child, and not just the future imagination of one, completely changed how the work resonated with me and I learned so much more the second go around. So now I’m happy to share just a few of my biggest takeaways from the awesome book with you! Let’s dive right in! Doable and Important “If you do enough that is doable, you will get to the important…” I wanted to pull out this sentence and let us all marinate in its powerful simplicity for a few moments. I don’t believe for one second that the reason that we’re all struggling with our roles as parents, and everything else that we juggle on a daily basis, is that we don’t know what we need to do. Rather I think it’s that in our current society, we are hyper-aware of what needs to be done but that everything is also given the same priority. It all needs to be done and it all needs to be now. Oh yeah, and it all needs to be done by ourselves. And on top of that, it should most likely be Instagram/Pinterest picture worthy if we’re going to feel like it’s a real success. When everything is important, in the end nothing is important. And also very little gets done. And we’re stressed out like all heck getting what we do get done, well done. It’s such a gift to ourselves, and to anyone who interacts with us, to take a step back and just begin with the doable. The important stuff will come. And often when we do what is doable, it is then that we can see what is truly of importance. Simplification is the process through which we begin to build space into our lives to see what’s manageable, what’s needed, what is in service to our highest good. “It is a stripping away that invites clarity.” In our culture of more, more and more, it can be radical to take this step to say “No more, less please.” It is the precedent we have the power of setting in our homes of gaining clarity for our lives over being entertained through our lives. Why Simplify? In the book Dr Kim John Payne makes the repeated assertion that the purpose of childhood is to develop a sense of Self. (Capitalization mine.) But in our lives of constant go-go-go all the time, we deprive our children of the chance to even ask the questions they need to in order to discover who they are, let alone the space they need to begin to put into practice the answers that they get from those questions. I often think we’re in such an all-fired rush all the times because it’s we as adults that feel this lack of self-knowledge so keenly and so we fill the gap with all kinds of “noise”: TV, social media, over working, drinking, over-commitments, competitive behaviors, etc. We feel so keenly this hurt when we are forced to slow down, whether that’s through a physical illness or simply the vacation we’ve been working towards. Have you ever wondered why we work ourselves to the bone to take a vacation and “relax” and then we schedule and plan out every single moment of the trip so we’re more exhausted when we get back then when we went? It’s crazy! But that’s the painful truth of our world. We are so uncomfortable being still, because it is in the stillness that we can truly feel the yearnings of our soul. What a gift it would be to give our children a life that doesn’t need to be run like a rat race or to be escaped from on a continual basis. The path towards a life of full acceptance is built upon a strong foundation of self-knowledge and trust. This awareness of ourselves as individuals with unique gifts and abilities is built brick by brick in moments of quietness, moments of space. In our world today this type of environment doesn’t come naturally, it will take intention and practice to keep the hounds of consumerism and comparison at the doors and create these spaces for our families that nourish us in mind, body, and soul. “Our children come to us with a deep destiny that needs to be honored.” Heroic Consistency So much of parenting isn’t very glamorous. And I think it’s one of the travesty’s of our culture that we have that ideal set before us, with glossy magazines and curated social media posts, that even in the midst of our hardships we should “look” put together and “keep up” with life just as before we entered into this great adventure. My personal experience is that motherhood is messy. It’s not remembering the last time you showered and standing in front of the fridge bleary eyed looking at the random meager offerings it holds trying desperately to figure out just what you’ll put on hungry people’s plates to eat for dinner…an hour late. The most heroic act we can ever take is to do the unglamorous, the unseen and unrecognized work again and again and again. Day in and day out. These micro-moments of showing up and doing the work. No matter how small or inconsequential they may seem at the time. It is these acts that are truly heroic. You are a hero, dear mama. Let you never forget that! *********************************************************************************************************************************************** Complete Mama's Note at https://heroicmama.wordpress.com/2020/03/02/simplicity-parenting/
  10. Tiny Things Matter “Remember that the little tasks you’ve set up for yourself have importance above and beyond imply the doing of those tasks in the moment. Your “reality” is made up of all the bits and pieces of your everyday life, like a pixelated picture made up of trillions of little tiny dots. No matter how small a task is, when it’s in the direction of your goal, it adds to your progress, so you’re gonna way to to treat it like the big deal it is. If you’re studying french, for example, and you’ve made the decision to learn two new words a day, do it. Think how many words that will add up to in a couple of months! The next time you’re feeling lazy or like you’ve got too much going on to do to X, remember that all the tiny bits matter in a very large way. Here’s an affirmation you can use to keep your eye on the ball: “This moment is a vital part of the whole life that I’m creating. What I choose to do in this moment defines who I am and how I show up in the world. I’m dedicated to creating an extremely awesome life for myself, so I’m taking this moment seriously, getting the hell on it, and staying excited in expectation of the stupendousness hurtling towards me.” “This moment is a vital part of the whole life that I’m creating. What I choose to do in this moment defines who I am and how I show up in the world. I’m dedicated to creating an extremely awesome life for myself, so I’m taking this moment seriously, getting the hell on it, and staying excited in expectation of the stupendousness hurtling towards me.” That is one BADASS affirmation to bring into your conscious awareness! As mama’s I feel like there are a lot of little things that can seem insignificant in the middle of our busy lives, like washing the dishes or cooking the umpteenth meal or reading the same story for the fifth time that morning. When we’re tired/stressed/anxious its easy to loose our focus of how important these micro-decisions are, and taken individually they may not seem like that big of a deal but put together they make up the picture of our lives. And we have the opportunity to be the artist: consciously, intentionally, and joyfully deciding what will be painted upon our canvas of life. What stupendousness will you paint today?? Sending love! Full post here: https://heroicmama.wordpress.com/2020/02/19/you-are-a-badass-everyday-by-jen-sincero/
  11. Claire

    Heroic Mama in Training

    Have you dared to dream lately? Have you pushed the boundaries of what you think is possible for life, for love, for well-being? Do you find yourself feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed? Waking each day trying to do your best and yet somehow life continues to feel a little lack-luster and you can't help but wonder, is this all there is? We live in an age where the answers to any of our questions are at the end of our fingertips with a few keystrokes on Google, and yet we are plagued by disease and discontent in our lives, our homes, and our communities in ways unparalleled in recent times. Everywhere I turn I see mama's lost and confused, overwhelmed by the deluge of often conflicting information, worn out and tired, unsure of their path or where they are heading in life and in their motherhood journey. I see this most often in the mirror every day. This doesn't need to be our truth any longer! The Greeks teach us that the word hero, derived from heros, means an individual with the strength for two whose greatest weapon they wield is love. I know of no single act that defines this role as well as that of mother. I believe that is true that we are each given our children for a purpose, we were destined to be their mother because we have within us the unique qualities needed to parent our child well. "To parent" means "to bring forth" and we are only capable of bringing forth from our children what is alive and fulfilled within us. I am thrilled to share that I am partnering up with @thechildisthecurriculum to launch The Heroic Mama in Training Club on their online homeschool co-op website! Together in this group we will discover who our true Highest Self is, we will learn tools to move us from theory into powerful practice, and we will cultivate our Soul Force to become radiant exemplars of heroic living to ourselves, our families, and our communities! Pairing Ancient Wisdom+Modern Science we will learn how to become the true hero's of our own life's story! Join The Heroic Mama Revolution today and become a Heroic Mama in Training! Group starts February 16th and runs through December 15th. For more information about the program, check out this Welcome! video 🙂 #heroicmotherhood #heroicmamarevolution #riseup #begin #community #believe #dream #liveyourbestlifenow
  12. It looks like she last visited in October! I just sent her a PM asking if she is doing okay and if she is still offering supply discounts ☺️👍🏼
  13. I got so excited about this and then saw the time stamp was from May last year haha Are you still selling? This is my first time hearing of this company but currently have zero art supplies for our son or myself and would like to begin to grow that area in our lives. Would also just love to hear recommnedations for where to start with a 2.5 year old with art too 🙂 Thank you!
  14. Carole

    Where is the Book to Read About Teaching?

    Great post! 💛 Thank you
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