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  2. Presenting our children with an abundance of opportunity to create is such a wonderful gift!! Rudolf Steiner described the human being as having 12 senses. Through these 12 sense we come into ourselves and perceive our environment. Our 12 senses are divided into three categories 4 lower senses, 4 middle senses, and 4 higher senses. The development of the higher senses is in direct correspondence to the development of the lower senses. Interaction with the outside world through art and music is so important to fuel the development of the higher senses., I am gladly offering an extensive catalogue of high quality art, music, and handwork supplies to this community at a discounted price. Brands such as Stockmar, Lyra, Choiri, and Mercurius. All items with a 10% discount compared with market values. An additional discount for bulk orders over $1,000! Contact me at starsaboveplantsbelow@gmail.com for access to e-catalogue and discount prices!
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  4. Found what I was looking for! Steiner on the women’s question In their development, external institutions reflect the development of the soul. An age, however, which clung to the outer physiognomy, was able to erect barriers between men and women. An age that is no longer entrenched in what is material, what is external, but which will receive knowledge of the inner nature of the human being which transcends sex, and will, without wishing to crawl into bleakness or asceticism or to deny sexuality, enable and beautify the sexual and live in that element which is beyond it. And people will then have an understanding for what will bring the true solution to the women's question, because it will present, at the same time, the true solution to the eternal question of humanity. One will then no longer say: ‘The Eternal-feminine bears us aloft’, or ‘The Eternal-masculine bears us aloft’, but, with deep understanding, with deep spiritual understanding one will say: ‘The Eternal-human bears us aloft’.
  5. @EmilyR "coping how we as adults are living" … so much yes! The little sponges are always looking, feeling and absorbing. What a task for us to become great human beings. ❤️ The littles are my driving force.
  6. Yay for the child being the curriculum!! I have another great lecture to go share of his where he specifically says what works for one child won’t for another!! We always have to keep this in mind! 💛
  7. I couldn't agree more!! We have to get into a place that allows the ego to enjoy the simplicity and spirituality of homemaking task. This is also allowing our children to gain the same insights by our own doings. They are coping how we as adults are living. Every thing has a cause and effect. If we rush in our tasks at hand there will be short coming some where and usually often more than not that shows up in our stress and knocks off our rhythmn. Ripple effect like on water. The stress carries over into children's behaviors and even indoor pets behaviors. Energy is surged through house work good or bad and we make that choice with every task. I am not saying I am perfect and that I always have great energy but when I do the ripple effect is much better than the bad energy. Thank you for the sage reminder I have a small jar left and need to do that today. My daughter loves the smell of the house after a good sage cleansing. The hubs craves pizza or spaghetti for some reason after a sage cleansing. Looks like gluten free pizza tonight. Lol!!
  8. I did the lined paper experiment and my daughter hated it!! She cried real big alligator tears but she did complete the summery. I don't care if RTL books states lined paper is better the white paper suits her better so that's what we will use.Now the triangle lyras she dislike writing with them but loves using for art work. I did purchase a set of 24 prism colored pencils. Those came in on Wed. Hello, Amazon prime:). She likes them to write. I have read where teachers use them up to the grade 8 level with art work. They are vibrant and last a long time. For penmanship we have included the fountain pen which she is loving for journaling. She stated she loves the colors best in MLB with the colored pencils than the graphite pencils or pens. She admires her work with the use of colored pencils (not the triangle ones) and that makes me happy. Lined or not being happy is all that really matters to me. So here's to the child is the curriculumn;)! Such a valuable lesson I received from this book already even if I didn't go with their end result. I found what was best for my daughter in the end:)! Thank you all that commented and helped me see what was already in front of me. I have a lot more learning and growing to do. Lots more reading on Steiner and listening to his podcast lectures. Blessings to you all!!
  9. Your totally 100 percent correct about the curriculums. I could have bought many nice things for handi work had I not purchased so many of them. But on the flip side coming to Waldorf having no experience with Waldorf methods or heavens sake not even knowing Steiner existed was a blessing to see how many interrupted this method of education. I do not regret it other than the cost factor. But with that said it can complicate things quite a bit if you take every curriculum as holy grail. Use what you can and leave the rest. There is no way even in a school setting they can utilize the full curriculum. Life happens and children don't flow as planned. Thank you for your input:).
  10. True, but even if you are born with two sets of genitalia, or any other spectrum of gender . . . you are still a unique individual. I think that is the main point. Yes, when this book was written, there wasn't all the new lingo there is today. . . however, Steiner knew that no matter what we are born as in THIS lifetime, we can be born as something else in the next so it really doesn't matter. Our birth here is a result of our karmic circumstance etc. This is really quite freeing! I find it liberating that anything that inhibits me supposedly in the physical world is something that I can own only temporarily. . . it doesn't last. No matter what race or gender I am born as and no matter what I go through in my life, it won't last. It is a temporary passing through and is there to have an effect on my soul. What if I chose it? What if I chose to come as whatever and even chose the really hard times so that it would work upon me? This really blows victimhood out of the water. It would be hard though, for some to come to terms with this. In the materialistic world Steiner mentions we are in. . . we are really concerned with justice but only in one lifetime. That's comes from a belief that death is the end and permanent. That we need to make things right and perfect here and now. Steiner was an individualist and not a collectivist, and also concerned with the supersensable world not just the physical world. . . so anything that is seen as "Eurocentric" or centric to any other culture is also still just focusing on the collective of that group and also just the physical norms of that time or group. . . but Steiner saw beyond all that. We should of course see beyond all that and that's why Steiner's writings appeal to me so much more than this author. . . but I still can read this kind of thing. . . and even ANY kind of centric thing and not get upset. I think the reason is because I do see the bigger picture. A really great lecture by Steiner on the "Women's Question" that is all about womens rights . . . and this was SO long ago. . . he brings us right back to the human soul. Ultimately I'm not really a woman. I am right now. The guy who wrote this book isn't really a white male either. Only when he wrote the book. We can get really wrapped up in who we think we are but that's what Steiner warns us about. . . we are just way too materialistic! Spiritual Science would say that all this focus on labeling genders is still very materialistic. Because we aren't focusing on our inner "I" being . . . just labels and such. Really, we are at peak materialism!
  11. Ancient Path

    Chapter 1 - Conditions

    "What is Truth?" … that is the title of a very personal journal page of mine. I have been working on that title for over a year. The very fact that I desire so deeply to know the Truth makes me feel like I'm an initiate. My personal perspective on the knowledge of Truth, devotion and reverence is this … I have found it safe to give reverence and devotion to myself and the works of my hands and nature. These have been a wonderful starting point for me. Something Notable: As much as I love and am devoted to the knowledge of Truth, I feel the exact opposite about untruths .. a holy hatred. Speaking to judgement and criticism.. I am extremely mindful of how I talk to myself about myself. I imagine if we could hear the tapes being played in the minds of some … we could see how awful they speak to themselves. I try to be gentle and loving with myself in a non judgmental and critical way. One of the ways I do that with my art, is by trying my best to look objectively at things … without judgement. When the children and I are creating together I try to refrain from judgements … good or bad. "Momma, do you like my drawing?" "I notice the bright color of yellow on your paper."
  12. I'm having trouble with this book...there is so much gendered language, so much privilege, so much eurocentrism. It's lightly acknowledged, but not dived into. pg 7 - "Remember: the human being is an individuality. He is neither man nor woman; he is in either a male or female body at present." Many folks are born intersex, trans, gender-fluid, etc. This is a truth that has not been permeated much by spiritual science. It frustrates me. Discussion of norms and expectations of roles - all written with a eurocentric viewpoint. I don't even have to look to know that this was written by a white dude. I'm curious to read more, because I can skip a lot of that but I think it is really, really, important to look at these elements and use them to adjust our worldview. We should be critical even of things we like. There is a term called spiritual bypassing, which I think is really important to look at and understand so that we don't do the same in our own journeys Onward and upward.
  13. Julia

    Foreward and Preface

    🙏 I am grateful for this space to help me clarify my own thoughts. We live in a polarized world - you are pro-something or anti-something. There is no spectrum, there is no grey area. But I feel a shift in some ways (not all) but in terms of spiritual "stuff" I see a lot of shift in thinking away from a binary. Gender, sexuality, spirituality, children, identity in general. We are finding, as a collective, that things do not work in terms of polarized views. How wonderful it will be to raise children with the Waldorf method, so they can continue into the world and help further that stepping away from the binary.
  14. Welcome!! 🤗 Just Chapter one right now! Ill start Chapter 1 Topic 2 soon ☺️👍🏼
  15. Hi! I just joined this book club! Is everyone reading on a certain schedule? I just received my copy and will jump in when I’ve finished chapter 1.
  16. They used lined paper with my daughter in Waldorf school... they also wrote directly in their MLB drawings. So I think they used the lined paper for practice first and then copied them into the MLB. I did this when I first pulled her out of the school, but now we practice on lined and then I don’t have them write on the same page as their drawing. They write on a separate page and put their own lines on with block crayons. I don’t think there is a right/wrong way to do this according to Steiner... it is left up to the teacher! I would do whatever works best! This is why I started questioning curriculum and why I never bother purchasing it... I know I’m not going to use a lot of it, and I would rather rely on Steiner himself! Even if their were some reasoning behind the white ego thing, I would want to know WHY by reading Steiner explain it. He explains things wonderfully in a way that makes sense and that’s not what I find in most curriculum!
  17. I don't recall exactly whom or what said it but I had been told many times that for true balance in all areas the paper didn't need to be lined. I have been reading books as Rhythm of Learning and Towards Wholeness and Heaven on Earth to realise I have wasted so much time listening to others. I just needed to dive deep into Steiner's lectures. He doesn't state the white ego and your correct. And the first school used lined paper. I have several Waldorf curricula and both don't say to use lined but to use white MLB. It seems as if its taboo either way depending on which end is up. I think for me mainly seeing all the all white MLB pages on FB and Pinterest just solidified that I needed to go that route. Hardly do you see lined MLB but I do find them more lately popping up. Maybe more are becoming wiser of the fact that we can use lined paper without regret. My daughter has been writing cursive since grade 2 before we came to Waldorf late in grade 2.
  18. Ancient Path

    Foreward and Preface

    @Julia WOW! That is a huge strength ... so much power in that ability. & we are able to do that here with each other. We all help each other see things more clearly.
  19. @EmilyR wonderful thoughts here! I have a Waldorf Kindergarten book and it talks about children knowing when we are present in our tasks. For instance, washing the dishes but your mind is already on another task or wanting to be doing something other than. & I can feel the heaviness of environments ... a negative place even if it is immaculate. I suspect children are hyper sensitive that way too. Girl, I be getting that sage out after heavy visitors leave. 😁✌
  20. Emerald

    Foreward and Preface

    I TOTALLY by-passed the foreward and preface....now to go back and read! Thank you for bringing this to my awareness 🙂 Love everyone's viewpoint and takeaways mentioned so far.
  21. Emerald

    Higher Worlds PDF

    Excited for this club! I am reading through the PDF (thank you so much for that) as best I can - not a huge online reader - but I have enjoyed it so much, I made the purchase off amazon! Hooray! Can't wait to feel the book and dive deeper. So far, I HIGHLY resonate with this book and am in love ❤️ I love feeding my brain with word food hehe
  22. Now, going through this book in this way - small section by small section - will take us a long time but also allow the depth and time needed for working through it all. My underlined bits - feel free to discuss and/or add your own. pg 15 - "On the other hand, we can be certain that, if our striving for knowledge is sincere and worthy, initiation will find us whatever the circumstances. There is a universal law among initiates that the knowledge due a seeker cannot be withheld. But there is also another universal law that esoteric knowledge may not be imparted to anyone not qualified to receive it." Do you consider yourself an initiate? pg 16 - "We begin with a fundamental mood of soul. Spiritual researchers call this basic attitude the path of reverence, of devotion to truth and knowledge." Steiner describes this akin to the reverence found in childhood. I find myself easily able to look at children with reverence and awe, but rarely am I able to look at adults in this way (I find most adults....hard to be around.) I started working with this practice by, and I mean this in the least condescending way, looking at adults as children, spiritually speaking. And many of them are. If I see them as childlike in these terms, I can easier practice my reverence for them. If this caused someone to feel "better than" when looking at another adult in this way, then I don't recommend this technique - but it has helped me immensely. pg 17 - "We will not find the inner strength to evolve to a higher level if we do not inwardly develop this profound feeling that there is something higher than ourselves." Do you feel this profoundly? How often? How do you know that feeling? pg 18 - "Our civilization is more inclined to criticize, judge, and condemn than to feel devotion and selfless veneration...But just as surely as every feeling of devotion and reverence nurtures the soul's powers for higher knowledge, so every act of criticism and judgment drives these powers away." And this is why it's called a spiritual PRACTICE. How easy is it to criticize and judge those who disagree with us? Sometimes I will make the heart of my days practice bringing into my imagination a conflict I am having with another person and look upon them and their space with reverence. It is hard. Really, really, hard. It takes force and effort and feels like faking it. pg 19 - "Anyone seeking higher knowledge must create these feelings inwardly, instilling them in the soul. This cannot be done by studying. It can be done only by living. If we wish to become esoteric students, we must train ourselves vigorously in the mood of devotion...But if I try to enter deeply and lovingly into another person's good qualities, I gather in that force." pg 21 - "At first, a basic mood of devotion to everything truly worthy of reverence suffuses our entire inner life." pg 23 - "The world around us is filled everywhere with the glory of God but we have to experience the divine in our own souls before we can find it in our surroundings."
  23. Julia

    Foreward and Preface

    I once heard a Waldorf high school teacher speak about this in terms of the outcome of Waldorf education. That a child comes out from it not married to their viewpoint. They are able to walk all around a problem and see all the viewpoints without judgment and then utilize all the viewpoints to then determine the truth. Now writing that out it reminds me of how a faculty meeting works - everyone speaks their truth into the center of the circle and from the center the truth will arise.
  24. Long before I read Roadmap to Literacy, I realized that writing with colored pencils just didn't work for my kids. I think I made my first two do it through a good part of second grade before giving up and going to regular pencils with erasers. With my current second grader, we have been using a graphite pencil all year. Though I do sometimes have him write titles with colored pencils. None of my kids wrote with crayons much past doing the alphabet in grade 1 either. I haven't used lined paper much, but I do stripe my child's pages with block crayons before he writes anything.
  25. I wonder where these misconceptions come from! I have read most of Steiner’s lectures on writing and he never mentions materials... only that writing is to be born out of drawing! Also only that it isn’t important to be able to write well until the teenage years except to meet society’s standards. My 1st Grader uses those triangle Lyras but she also uses regular colored pencil and graphite. We just use whatever! I doubt we would be using them in 3rd grade though. My older daughter just used regular colored pencil in 3rd. We started cursive on lined paper! The white ego balance ... there is no Steiner passage to support this!
  26. We come from using boxed curriculum in 1st grade and my daughters hand writing has become worse. We are in 3rd grade and I have been trying to stick 100 percent to what I read about Waldorf on writing. And this book is a god send. She needs lined paper and her regular graphite pencil back. These triangle lyra colored pencils are really making her dislike writing so this just might solved our writing issue. I have the Roadmap to literacy book just haven't even opened the book yet. I just started reading it this week. I opened to page to get to this matter at hand. I will post a before pic and after this week and let you guys know how much or less of an improvement lined paper and regular pencil provides for us. I feel this is a huge misconception within the waldorf community as a whole. I was told plain white to balance out the ego. I have been pushing her on with the triangle lyras. Ugh! But now I know I can just relax and go back to lined paper with our regular pencils she loves and did very well in grade 1 with.
  27. There is something magical that happens when we prepare the home. There is an energy we fill it with. Have you ever been in a home that lacks that? Not pleasant is it? I strive to do the best spiritual house work I can and set ego aside and let the good energy flow from all the chores I do in our home. I will say this though it is a battle with the ego at times I feel with this culture its hard for homemakers to have respect and feel good enough if the ego wants society recognition. If we look just in our own surrounds and soak up the recognition we get from our own tribe that will nourish ones soul and spirit. The outside(society) noise isn't wanting the same goals are we are trying to set. Their goals are well lets just say for materialism and capitalism goals. I won't get off on that soap box. You can change the world by changing your mindset and your homemaking task. One task at a time. Laws of attraction here in motion.
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