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    Presenting our children with an abundance of opportunity to create is such a wonderful gift!! Rudolf Steiner described the human being as having 12 senses. Through these 12 sense we come into ourselves and perceive our environment. Our 12 senses are divided into three categories 4 lower senses, 4 middle senses, and 4 higher senses. The development of the higher senses is in direct correspondence to the development of the lower senses. Interaction with the outside world through art and music is so important to fuel the development of the higher senses., I am gladly offering an extensive catalogue of high quality art, music, and handwork supplies to this community at a discounted price. Brands such as Stockmar, Lyra, Choiri, and Mercurius. All items with a 10% discount compared with market values. An additional discount for bulk orders over $1,000! Contact me at starsaboveplantsbelow@gmail.com for access to e-catalogue and discount prices!
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    It looks like she last visited in October! I just sent her a PM asking if she is doing okay and if she is still offering supply discounts ☺️👍🏼
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    I got so excited about this and then saw the time stamp was from May last year haha Are you still selling? This is my first time hearing of this company but currently have zero art supplies for our son or myself and would like to begin to grow that area in our lives. Would also just love to hear recommnedations for where to start with a 2.5 year old with art too 🙂 Thank you!
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