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Some logs, some beams, and an indo board!



Today was the first day after an icey winter that we set up a little outside course!

 This winter we created many ‘fairy tale’ courses in the living room. This looked like various finger- knit ropes (to jump over, walk along, skip rope with, and/or limbo under), floor cushions ( to jump over and from), silk tunnels to climb through, the beloved curvy board, and usually ending with celebratory eurythmy gestures! Such a great way to get the wiggles out on days when the baby wasn’t going to weather the literal storm outside so well! We had a lot of fun tailoring this stream of exercises to several different favorite fairy tales. 

But there’s nothing like getting the children’s feet back on the ground and setting up good old fashion obstacle courses! 

With a few primitive materials the possibilities are endless!

I always pull the indo board out and roll around on it until my son and daughter want to take turns holding my hands to give it a try! Partly because I want to sit back and let them go through their own processes moving the beams to form different inclines. Moving the logs upright to jump from and on the sides to jump over. But I dont  always feel like sitting!  I have so many memories on this exact one!





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Annie Haas


This is wonderful!! We have balance beams but I would really love to add logs to our yard. . . we had some in our old house but didn't take them when we moved (too much to move haha)

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I snagged a few from Papa’s wood chopping pile back in the beginning of winter and they say dormant as a mouse untill a few days ago! 

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