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Learning from our expressions 🎨


“Where the glow of stars grows bright

The cosmos plunges in eternal night.”

- Johann Wolfgang Goethe


We followed our first painting session by exploring the same familiar colors in a slightly different way. This time using blue as the centerpiece and yellow to hold the blue. 


We are going to fix the paper to the boards and lay them flat as we continue with these lessons!

“Mama, maybe we could try this on the table next time.”

- a not totally loving the drippy effect seven year old 😊


I am happy to share the wonderful outcomes from these past two days. It’s little quarks and all!  They had much to say about the difference feeling of these colors without any prompt from me initially. Working with yellow and blue and applying them in contrast with one another first this way, then that. 



 It’s incredible just how intensely our children absorb all that surrounds them! 




Sky was yellow and the sun was blue



Less really WAS more for us all as what I though would be a let down for them turned into an hour and a half discussion full of pondering and laughing together!

Yesterday we had our first go with (not so) wet on wet painting..oops. I can’t wait to get a proper sponge and continue with this! I am using some activity ideas in  a book I have been reading to get started with our new adventures with watercolor. It is really neat to see how differently my five year old and seven year old experienced one of their favorite activities using a different approach and limited supplies. So rewarding for all of us! The more I learn and apply the new things I am learning surrounding Waldorf the more aha moments I am having!


” It must be a full moon since the sky is so much brighter during a full moon.”- seven year old

”Mine is a sunshine because the sky is blue on a sunny day, now when the blue drips down it’s getting cold because they are icicles” -five year old

” Oh mom yours looks like a sunflower that dropped its petals when the yellow dripped down it made a stem! You know how they look when we go to the pumpkin patch? When they have no more petals!”

-seven year old

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Annie Haas


So sweet that you included their comments!! Blue and Yellow are just stunning together 😍

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Beautiful! I must ask - is this blog title a reference to a song lyric? Grateful Dead?? 😍

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Yes it is!

I have been singing and playing this song since I was a teen and have carried it with me into our home! It was requested by my seven year old as we did these paintings☺️.


”Wind in the willows playing tea for two

Sky was yellow and the sun was blue

Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hands

Everybody playing in the heart of gold band”

- Robert Hunter



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Excellent! There is nothing better than our kiddos singing and loving good music 👍

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