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Heroic Mama Revolution

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Heroic Mama in Training

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Have you dared to dream lately? Have you pushed the boundaries of what you think is possible for life, for love, for well-being? Do you find yourself feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed? Waking each day trying to do your best and yet somehow life continues to feel a little lack-luster and you can't help but wonder, is this all there is?

We live in an age where the answers to any of our questions are at the end of our fingertips with a few keystrokes on Google, and yet we are plagued by disease and discontent in our lives, our homes, and our communities in ways unparalleled in recent times. Everywhere I turn I see mama's lost and confused, overwhelmed by the deluge of often conflicting information, worn out and tired, unsure of their path or where they are heading in life and in their motherhood journey. I see this most often in the mirror every day.

 This doesn't need to be our truth any longer! The Greeks teach us that the word hero, derived from heros, means an individual with the strength for two whose greatest weapon they wield is love. I know of no single act that defines this role as well as that of mother.

 I believe that is true that we are each given our children for a purpose, we were destined to be their mother because we have within us the unique qualities needed to parent our child well. "To parent" means "to bring forth" and we are only capable of bringing forth from our children what is alive and fulfilled within us. 

I am thrilled to share that I am partnering up with @thechildisthecurriculum to launch The Heroic Mama in Training Club on their online homeschool co-op website!
Together in this group we will discover who our true Highest Self is, we will learn tools to move us from theory into powerful practice, and we will cultivate our Soul Force to become radiant exemplars of heroic living to ourselves, our families, and our communities! Pairing Ancient Wisdom+Modern Science we will learn how to become the true hero's of our own life's story!

 Join The Heroic Mama Revolution today and become a Heroic Mama in Training!

Group starts February 16th and runs through December 15th.

For more information about the program, check out this  Welcome! video 🙂


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