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Eggs and Wildflowers



As the earth wakes from its long winters nap there is a frenzy of activity here on my little family farm!!

I have been using most of my free moments to visualize how our summer will flow and taking the proper spring time actions to paint that picture accordingly. I will also be continuing lessons for my first grader through mid summer and using my first original main lessons that I have been preparing for her! So excited to see this come into fruition!

I have for a long time thought that the proper new year happens around now. Especially for my family, spring is the time of year when everything is new. We begin to fulfill renovation plans, lay new infrastructure, begin to tuck our starts into the ground, begin sprouting seeds for our summer garden, continue to make plant foods and preparations and this year we are going to be expanding our projects in huge ways.

 After a cold icy winter we have a pretty short window to set ourselves up for a well structured summer that will turn to a bountiful fall which will bring us a peaceful and content winter. 

So as I sit here after a beautiful sunny spring day spent in search of eggs and wildflowers with the folks that I love most. Alone for the first time all weekend! I can’t help but smile 😊 

Today we revisited a local mountainside where we went last year to watch sunset and gather bouquets. About half way up the valley we realized that this place had been mildly ravaged by one of two wildfires that burned very close to home last year. It was incredible to see how much green had already pushed through in some parts in such a short period of time. It led to discussion of evolving to work with given conditions and the idea that flourishing can look many different ways. 

I am glad to be in a place where I can infuse these commonly accepted and celebrated holidays with meaning for my children! I see them having so much genuine appreciation and understanding of things bigger than themselves. Mostly unspokenly, but when I do overhear them speaking to each other with excitement to be a part of our time spent together working on current and future projects makes my heart swell!

I love seeing them grow into their future selves. 

Blessings to everyone and their own sacred family rituals




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Annie Haas


Beautiful post! 💛 It so many ways, it is really truly the New Year. You can even feel it!

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