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All New Members Please Read!

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Annie Haas

This is a message for all users and subscribers!! We are a very NEW community. Because we are new, and because we are a cooperative, our content will be at its very least at this time. Never again will it be as quiet and as sparse as it is now, so enjoy the peace and the quiet and the excitement of potential! It will continue to grow and grow! At this time, the bulk of what we offer is mentorship, support, experienced Waldorf homeschoolers who will help you plan and create your own main lesson blocks, opportunities to connect, opportunities to sell your lessons or books etc, lead a paying book club, and we have a few art tutorials, beginning freebies and things for sale already!

We are NOT suppliers of open and go full Waldorf curriculum. I don't want newcomers to confuse us with those. We are here as a DIY creative building community sharing resources and Steiner lectures to help us become LESS reliant on full curriculum! We are helping each other become free and independent teachers! We don't currently have every possible Waldorf block for free or sale up right now but that is the lofty long term goal! We want to create a buffet to choose from!

AGAIN, VERY IMPORTANT: We are NOT an open and go curriculum provider. We are brand new, so we do not have curriculum for all grades or blocks yet. Since we are just a baby, what we have mostly right now are a few blocks for sale, a few video tutorials and free downloads. This will continue to grow as we do! Our strength at the moment is 24/7 mentorship, extensive Steiner study and indications for each grade and subject, book recommendations, book clubs, and help creating your OWN blocks! We are very much a do-it-yourself and we-can-help website. We believe in you! Please make sure this is the right fit for you before subscribing!

Thank you for being a founding member! Let us know how we can help you as we begin this big journey forward into a global cooperative 💛

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